Women’s Movement Meeting 2019

The RISEAP Women’s Wing Meeting held its 16th meeting since its inception in 1984. It was attended by the Chairperson, Dato Hajjah Hanifah Taib Alsree and the Secretary, Hajjah Zubeda Raihman. There was participation by 12 delegates from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, observers from Thailand and Vietnam as well as observers from these countries. 

The meeting started with the Chairperson, Dato Hajjah Hanifah Taib Alsree, making an opening speech. She welcomed all those present and hoped that their stay in Bangkok would be enjoyable and would have a fruitful meeting. As for the meeting, each delegates present the activity report of Muslim women’s in their country and also covered the situation of Muslim women in general. 

Special guest from Thailand as a host, Assoc. Prof. Sawvanee Jitmound (Aishah Binti Hamzah), Chairman of Centre World Policies, Faculty of Economic Chulalongkorn University was also invited to share the women’s activities in Thailand.