Leadership renewal for all Muslim organizations to ensure the continuity of good leadership.

Not leaving the organizational leadership renewal process to mere chance.

  1. Need to improve the mechanism of identifying and selecting the candidates to be trained.
  1. Need to monitor and nurture the growth path of the persons identified.
  1. Sharing the experiences of successful leaders.
  1. Improving the content of leadership training programs.

After focusing several years on imam-training programs in Kuala Lumpur, RISEAP has decided to embark on its leadership training program to support the leadership renewal process of its member organizations. In 2016 it organized its first leadership training program in Seoul, South Korea, which catered from the Northern RISEAP countries of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

In 1991, the IIFSO and IIIT published a “Training Guide for Islamic Workers” that was written by Dr Hisham Altalib. Many Muslim organizations, including RISEAP, have benefited from this training manual. In the light of the experiences gained, RISEAP believes it is time to take another step forward, in incorporating other guidelines for leadership training. RISEAP therefore plans to publish its leadership training manual later this year.